Annual Report 2012


Progress in delivering our full potential

Driving progressive health care

Through innovation in live image-guidance technology, Philips is enabling minimally invasive procedures that were not possible before – opening up new ways to treat disease and improve the quality of life for millions worldwide.

Transforming critical care delivery

Philips works closely with health systems to improve quality, costs and access to care across multiple patient settings. By leveraging our leadership in healthcare technology, we are transforming critical care for war veterans.

End-to-end journey with Wal-Mart

In North America we are working together with Wal-Mart to optimize every step in the value chain of our Male Grooming business. This end-to-end approach is transforming our relationship and benefiting Wal-Mart shoppers. 

A recipe for profitable growth

Across the world, we are driving growth in Kitchen Appliances by building global scale through local relevance, leveraging acquisitions, and forming alliances to offer new experiences in the preparation of fresh, healthy food. 

Re-inventing lighting for consumers

Driven by the shift toward connected, digital lighting solutions and applications, we are strengthening our presence in the consumer market by leveraging our innovative capability to add ever greater value with light.

Enhancing urban life with light

Guided by our vision of a healthier and more sustainable world, we are combining our market leadership in LED luminaires with intelligent lighting management and controls to enhance people’s lives and add value to business.

The power to make a difference

We have been engaging with stakeholders – from global political and industrial leaders at the UN Climate summit to local community leaders in rural Africa – to highlight the benefits of our locally relevant and affordable innovations.

Encouraging positive change

In addition to our own sustainability activities, we also work to influence our suppliers and their suppliers towards better sustainability practices. To that end, we are active in many supply chain initiatives around the world.

Embracing culture change

Through the Accelerate! program, Philips is driving structural change – with a renewed company culture as the foundation for performance improvement and growth, explains Carole Wainaina, Chief HR Officer.

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